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Alternative forms[edit]


Special use of Hokkien 恁爸林北 (lín-pē, “your father”).




  1. (Singapore, Singlish, informal, impolite) A reference to oneself in the third person, taking on the stance of a superior.
    • 1999 October 29, Ken Tan, sg.marketplace:
      Limpeh always see those AH BENGS drive the CiBIC SiR (Ah-re) around with their big spoiler and so many uglweee stickers.
    • 1999 November 23, Sophus Lefouque, sg.marketplace:
      Lim peh tell you something – dis year mindef kaciau lim peh, disrupt lim peh eh work flow, now still owing lim peh some marney due to some technicality.
    • 2002, Jack Neo, I Not Stupid[1], spoken by Mr Khoo (Richard Low), Singapore: Mediacorp Raintree Pictures:
      Yes, you are very right, you are very sharp! Limpeh like your idea!
    • 2011 January 11, Singrish King, soc.culture.singapore[2]] (Usenet):
      Lim peh ask you last time study hard become scorer, win scorer ship go Harvoc University, you nebber lisen.
    • 2011 November 7, LIFT: Limpeh Is Foreign Talent:
      Limpeh is honoured that my blog has been recently featured by the king of all Singaporean bloggers – Mr Brown.
    • 2013,, "[3]", ot email group, 18 September 2013:
      Welcome to economics 101 with Limpeh. Allow me to break down the concept of round-tripping to you in the most simple way in my kitchen.
    • 2013, ShiGGa Shay (lyrics and music), “Limpeh (ft. Tosh Rock)”, in LimPeh (feat. Tosh Rock) - Single[4]:
      Come over to limpeh, come over to limpeh. Do you understand what limpeh is saying? If yes say yes, if no say no. Don’t tell limpeh "yes no yes no".