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linean (comparative more linean, superlative most linean)

  1. (rare) Synonym of linear
    • 1825, John Feltham Danneley, An encyclopœdia, or dictionary of music:
      SPATIUM, the space between two lines of the linean system.
    • 1871 November, J.D. Everett, “Plane-Direction”, in Nature, volume 5, page 63:
      I think it is paradoxical and misleading to state, without qualifying words, that two linean directions determine one plane-direction; inasmuch as two linean directions really serve to define as many different pairs or multiple pairs of plane-directions as we please, and if we are permitted to distinguish the two linean directions by different names, three plane directions can be separately defined by them without any ambiguity.
    • 1955, Memoirs of the College of Science, University of Kyoto: Mathematics:
      Let B be the homogeneous prime ideal of V, H a hyperplane in the projective space corresponding to the linean form l, and put C= V◦H.
    • 1972, International Technical Cooperation Centre, International Technical Cooperation Centre Review:
      Its kinship network too was denser; the historic memory - as expressed in the number of generations remembered and the memory of the names of the linean ancestors - was stronger in this community; the families in it were also larger.
    • 1978, Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine - Volumes 42-43, page 140:
      The student "T" test was used to compare results obtained and the regression analysis (y = a + bx) was used to establish the linean relationship between pg of E2-3H bound by increasing weight of RUE.





  1. Second-person plural (ustedes) present indicative form of linear.
  2. Third-person plural (ellos, ellas, also used with ustedes?) present indicative form of linear.