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From Norwegian linnorm


linnorm (plural linnorms)

  1. A wingless bipedal dragon; a lindworm.
    • 1964, Reidar Thoralf Christiansen, Folktales of Norway[1], →ISBN, page 42:
      Then the Linnorm (dragon) came. It is thirty ells long and has a mane on its neck.
    • 2001 February 28, Helgraf Dragon, “Re: Watch out folks.............................please read . 7749”, in,, Usenet[2]:
      Your scandinavian model was a wingless fellow, frequently called a linnorm, iirc.
    • 2002, Jeff Grubb, Ed Bonny, Rich Redman, Steve Winter, Monster Manual II[3], →ISBN, page 142:
      The body of a gray linnorm is long, sleek and very snakelike.
    • 2007, Chad Corrie, Gambit's End[4], →ISBN, page 35:
      He had been able to do what few others could - survive a meeting with the dread linnorm and better still, been able to trade with him as well.

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


From Old Norse linnormr (constrictor snake). Cognate to English lindworm and German Lindwurm (dragon)


linnorm m (definite singular linnormen, indefinite plural linnormar, definite plural linnormane)

  1. (folklore) A beast resembling a large, serpentine dragon; a lindworm