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lip +‎ curl


lipcurl (countable and uncountable, plural lipcurls)

  1. Synonym of flehmen
    • 1970, Journal of Mammalogy, page 279:
      Flehmen or lipcurl was quite common, usually by a male to the urine of a female, especially if the female was in heat.
    • 1980, Desert Bighorn Council, Transactions - Volume 24, page 18:
      Sexual activity includes lipcurl, sniffing the rear or urine of another animal, courting, attempted and/or successful mounting.
    • 1980, Proceedings:
      The lipcurl or horse laugh (flehmen in German) may occur in response to the smell of strange manure or to a variety of other odors.
    • 1984, Journal of animal science - Volume 58, Issue 1, page 507:
      During lipcurl, odorant molecules are being aspirated into the vomeronasal organs in the roof of the mouth (Ladewig and Hart, 1980).


lipcurl (third-person singular simple present lipcurls, present participle lipcurling, simple past and past participle lipcurled)

  1. To perform a lipcurl.
    • 1984, Journal of animal science - Volume 58, Issue 1, page 507:
      The male sniffs the urine or takes some into his mouth and "lipcurls" by raising his head with the mouth open and upper lip curled back.