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Alternative forms[edit]


Clipping of listserver


listserv (plural listservs)

  1. (Internet) A type of electronic mailing list, allowing for distribution of email to many subscribers.
    • 2006, Mary E. Hawkesworth, Globalization and Feminist Activism (page 130)
      At subregional, regional, and global conferences, as well as through websites, listservs, cyberjournals, newsletters, and public reports and books, feminists from the South have articulated strategies to break down structural inequality []
    • 2009, January 29, “Jennifer Medina”, in Backers of Mayoral School Control Face Resistance[1]:
      Rather than producing flashy television spots, it has placed simple ads on Web sites of news organizations and, and tried to spread its positions by posting on education and community listservs and blogs.
    • 2019 August 7, Marissa Brostoff and Noah Kulwin, “The Right Kind of Continuity”, in Jewish Currents[2]:
      Last month, the Forward reported, a former student at Mechon Hadar—a co-ed egalitarian yeshiva in New York—emailed the school's listserv with a plea for the institution to cut ties with [Leslie] Wexner in light of the unspooling allegations against [Jeffrey] Epstein.