little brown fucking machine

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little brown fucking machine (plural little brown fucking machines)

  1. (US, navy, slang, derogatory) A Filipino woman regarded as a sex object.
    • 1988, John Krich, Music in Every Room
      Mack soon learned that this new bit of colonialist lingo stood for "Little Brown Fucking Machine." It was more convenient to abbreviate []
    • 1996, Mary John Mananzan, J Shannon Clarkson, Letty Russell, Women Resisting Violence: Spirituality for Life
      And we still have soldiers who call us "a little brown fucking machine fueled by rice.
    • 1997, David Poyer, The Passage
      What about that little brown fucking machine? She's got a nice body, a nice attitude; she takes care of herself. I figured you'd like her.
    • 1999, Kamala Kempadoo, Sun, Sex, and Gold
      A Little Brown Fucking Machine is not unsexed by prostituting, she is "just doing what comes naturally."
    • 2002, Jim Ciscell, American Slacker
      After Wes forced the split between Jeri and Captain America, he started dating her and dangling a possible dalliance with the Little Brown Fucking Machine []
    • 2005, John Foster, Fairbanks Risen
      LBFM is Navy speak for Little Brown Fucking Machine. They are the bar girls sailors meet in all the ports in the Orient. The term is generic for bar girls []