lobster pound

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lobster pound (plural lobster pounds)

  1. (chiefly Northern Atlantic region of Canada, US) A large commercial enclosure filled with circulating water in which lobsters are kept alive pending sale.
    • 1963 Sept. 29, "Lobster Fit for Queen At Sea'n Surf," Boston Globe (USA), p. B18 (retrieved 28 July 2012):
      So sing (if you listen closely) some 5000 lobsters rushed by air freight daily direct from a 1,000,000-capacity lobster pound in Clark's Harbour in the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia to Sea 'n Surf Restaurant on Rte. 9, Framingham.
    • 1987 March 27, Clayton Beal, "Lobster pound being built on east side of Pero Point," Bangor Daily News (Maine, USA), p. 8 (retrieved 28 July 2012):
      The new lobster pound under construction on the east side of Pero Point is expected to begin receiving its first lobsters during the annual fall lobster harvest in November.
    • 2007 Aug. 8, "Pound won't reopen, says lobster fisherman," CBC News (Canada) (retrieved 28 July 2012):
      Digby County lobster fisherman Paulin Robichaud, who lost 35,000 lobsters in an apparent case of deliberate poisoning last month, is getting out of the business and won't be restocking his lobster pound.