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From Middle French logement


lodgement (plural lodgements)

  1. (Britain) Alternative spelling of lodgment
    • 1819, Lord Byron, Don Juan in Selected Poems of Lord Byron, Ware, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Editions, 2006, Canto I, stanza 215, p. 111,
      And in thy stead I've got a deal of judgement / Though heaven knows how it ever found a lodgement.
    • 1924, Herman Melville, Billy Budd, London: Constable & Co., Chapter 11, [1]
      Is Envy then such a monster? [] since its lodgement is in the heart not the brain, no degree of intellect supplies a guarantee against it.
    • 1934, T. S. Eliot, Chorus VII from 'The Rock' in Collected Poems, 1909-1962, New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, 1963, p. 162,
      and man without GOD is a seed upon the wind: driven this way and that, and finding no place of lodgement and germination.