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Short for celluloid.


loid (plural loids)

  1. A lock-picking tool made from a piece of celluloid.


loid (third-person singular simple present loids, present participle loiding, simple past and past participle loided)

  1. (transitive) To force (a lock) by slipping a credit card or similar thin object between the door and the frame.
    • 1983, Ronald L. Cruit, Intruder in your home, page 42:
      A deadbolt can't be loided because it doesn't have a curved, self-latching bolt.
    • 2012, Lawrence Fennelly, Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention, page 346:
      The loiding of windows is accomplished by inserting a thin stiff object between the meeting rails or stiles to move the latch to the open position, or by inserting a thin stiff wire through openings between the stile or rail and the frame []