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  1. (nonstandard) superlative form of lost: most lost
    • 1906 September, The Sunday School Journal and Bible Student's Magazine, volume 38, number 9, page 675: 
      The strongest sheep can be the "lostest" because of its power to go farthest into the wilderness.
    • 1920, William Thomas Tardy, The man and the message, Mrs. W.T. Tardy, page 100:
      No man can safely be left alone, and the lostest man in all creation is he who says "No one cares for my soul."
    • 2009, James A. Owen, The Shadow Dragons, Simon and Schuster, page 269:
      And when you add to that the peculiar weather patterns, the temporal shifts, and mermaids who had a tendency to chew up any cables strung underwater, the result was the lostest of lost causes.




  1. Second-person singular preterite of losen.
  2. Second-person singular subjunctive II of losen.