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  • IPA(key): /lotas̻il/, [lo̞.t̪a.s̻il]


lotazil inan

  1. December
    Synonyms: abendu, neguil


Declension of lotazil (inanimate, ending in consonant)
indefinite singular plural
absolutive lotazil lotazila lotazilak
ergative lotazilek lotazilak lotazilek
dative lotazili lotazilari lotazilei
genitive lotazilen lotazilaren lotazilen
comitative lotazilekin lotazilarekin lotazilekin
causative lotazilengatik lotazilarengatik lotazilengatik
benefactive lotazilentzat lotazilarentzat lotazilentzat
instrumental lotazilez lotazilaz lotazilez
inessive lotaziletan lotazilean lotaziletan
locative lotaziletako lotazileko lotaziletako
allative lotaziletara lotazilera lotaziletara
terminative lotaziletaraino lotazileraino lotaziletaraino
directive lotaziletarantz lotazilerantz lotaziletarantz
destinative lotaziletarako lotazilerako lotaziletarako
ablative lotaziletatik lotaziletik lotaziletatik
partitive lotazilik
prolative lotaziltzat

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