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Alternative forms[edit]


Hutchins (1909) records m'Sharàge as the Kikuyu name for Olea hochstetterii (sic!).[4]


  • IPA(key): /mòɕàɾáɣɛ̀(ꜜ)/
As for Tonal Class, Benson (1964) classifies this term into Class 3 with a disyllabic stem, together with kĩhaato, mbembe, kiugo, and so on.


mũcarage class 3 (plural mĩcarage)

  1. East African olive, Elgon olive (Olea capensis subsp. macrocarpa, syn. O. hochstetteri[5][6]); its timber is traded internationally.
  2. Elgon olive (Olea welwitschii, syn. Linociera welwitschii[5])
  3. Cape chestnut (Calodendrum capense)[2]
    Synonyms: mũraraciĩ, mũrũrũa

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(Olea sp.):


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