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Alternative forms[edit]


machicolated (comparative more machicolated, superlative most machicolated)

  1. Having machicolations.
    • 1893, Edward Harrison Barker, Wanderings by southern waters, eastern Aquitaine[1]:
      Of the outer fortifications there remains a brick gateway, with Gothic arch carrying a high machicolated tower, connected to which is a fragment of the wall.
    • 1850, Various, Notes & Queries 1850.01.12[2]:
      If "WILLIAM WILLIAMS" will examine the map of London in 1543, lately engraved from a drawing in the Bodleian Library, he will perceive the "Water Gate,", about which he inquires, defended on the west side by a lofty hexagonal machicolated tower.
    • 1900, Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull, A Golden Book of Venice[3]:
      And so it chanced, that because of the stress of the time, Piero Salin floated off in triumph to Murano, named General of the Border Forces, with secret orders from the Ten. XXXIII The great bell in the tower of the arsenal told twelve of the day, and already the broader waters near the rios which led to the high machicolated walls surrounding this famous Venetian stronghold were crowded with gondolas of the people and barges from the islands filled with men, women, and children, jubilant with holiday speech and brilliant in gala colors; for this was one of those perpetually recurring festas which so endeared this City of the Sea to its pleasure-loving people.
    • 1913, Henry James, A Small Boy and Others[4]:
      The only castle within my ken had been, by my impression, the machicolated villa above us the previous summer at New Brighton, and as I had seen no structure rise beyond that majesty so I had seen none abased to the dignity of ruin.
    • 1935, Katharine Garvin, The great Tudors‎, page 343:
      He himself, however, seems to have preferred another of the family estates, a more machicolated and Otrantive residence called Compton




  1. simple past tense and past participle of machicolate