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macro- +‎ enzyme


macroenzyme (plural macroenzymes)

  1. An enzyme of macromolecular size due to unusual biopolymerization or immune complexing, such as when a normal enzyme is protein-bound, typically by immunoglobulins (antibodies); macroenzymes by themselves are not always pathophysiologic or pathogenic, but their occurrence is increased in certain diseases (their formation is encouraged by some pathogenetic processes).
    • 1993, “The macroenzymes: a clinical review”, in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, volume 68, number 4, DOI:10.1016/S0025-6196(12)60129-3, PMID 7681133, pages 349-354:
      Macroenzymes are serum enzymes that have a higher molecular mass than the corresponding enzyme normally found in serum under physiologic or pathophysiologic conditions. Although no evidence convincingly indicates that macroenzymes cause disease or necessitate treatment, some patients with immunoglobulin-complexed enzyme disorders have previously been reported to have associated autoimmune diseases or malignant lesions. To address this issue, we reviewed the medical records of 42 patients in whom a macroenzyme had been detected during assessment at the Mayo Clinic between 1986 and 1990.