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macro- +‎ -phile


macrophile (plural macrophiles)

  1. A person with macrophilia.
    • 1999, Katharine Gates, Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex (page 115)
      Crumb's sexual fixation on gigantic women's legs became a major feature of his most celebrated images. Despite the common themes among macrophiles, Ed Lundt believes that no two macro fantasies are quite alike []
    • 2008, Cynthia Ceilan, Weirdly Beloved
      If there are macrophiles living and working among us—and I assure you, there are—the world must also make room for the microphiles who love them back.
    • 2012, Tom Cutler, Slap and Tickle
      The poster for the 1958 film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman shows a gorgeous babe, in short skirt and ill-fitting bra, straddling a motorway flyover and picking up cars. This is a macrophile's delight.