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From Arabic مَدَّة(madda).


maddah (plural maddahs)

  1. Arabic diacritic similar in appearance to a tilde. Over an alif (آ(ʾā) "alif maddah"), it indicates glottal stop, /ʔ/, followed by a long /aː/. The diacritic is not used separately, only over alif. Alif maddah can appear in the beginning: آسِف(ʾāsif) or in the middle of a word: قُرْآن(qurʾān).
  2. In the Qur'an, it indicates an extra long vowel and can appear over any long vowel.
  3. In Persian the letter is used only in the beginning of a word with a long /aː/: آمدن(âmadan).