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Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA /ˈmeɪɡ,boʊt/ or /ˈmeɪ,boʊt/


Borrowing from Old English mǣgbōt (compensation paid to the kinsman of a murdered man), mæg +‎ bot; Compare manbote


maegbot (plural maegbots or maegboten)

  1. (historical) A bot or fine paid to the near kinsmen of a slain man as compensation.
    If a man was slain a special manbot, or compensation for the loss of a man, had to be paid to the lord side by side with the mægbot to the kin. — NYT, Daily Lexeme: Maegbot, 2011 - (quoting H.R. Loyns, 1962)


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