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Likely from Macushi maikang (fox).


maikong (plural maikongs)

  1. (rare) Synonym of crab-eating fox
    • 1891, James William Buel, The Living World:
      The Maikong (Canis cancrivorus) is a crab-eating fox-wolf, found in Guiana, where it runs in small packs.
    • 1897, Hugh Craig, The Animal Kingdom, page 254:
      The Crab-Eating Wolf, Canis cancrivorus, or Maikong, is a slender, long-legged, jackal-like animal, with a short, broad, blunt-nosed head, rounded ears of moderate size, placed wide apart, oblique eyes with oblong pupils, and a tail nearly touching the ground.
    • 1959, Richard Katz, Solitary Life, page 43:
      What is one to think of a theory which does not allow the fox to pass as an ancestor of the dog, when in our own day South American Indians tame the Maikong jackal-fox into a domestic animal much resembling a dog?
    • 2004, Aad Krol, Timo de Rijk, editors, Yearbook Dutch Design 03/04[1]:
      Those licking their stamps are thus confronted with a (according to experts) Malaysian bearded swine instead of a wild boar, and exotic white-winged woodpecker and not the great spotted woodpecker, an Indian four-horn antilope instead of a deer and not a fox but a maikong from Central and South America.