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majoritive +‎ -ly


majoritively (comparative more majoritively, superlative most majoritively)

  1. By means of a majority.
    The senate voted majoritively to pass the bill.
    • 1982, Lisa Robbin Grossman, Capacity of schizophrencis to give informed consent:
      An alternative approach would be to create a board of mental health professionals and lawyers who would majoritively decide consent issues.
  2. (proscribed) Consisting of more than half (50%); predominantly.
    • 1973, Brian P. Hall, Maury Smith, Value clarification as learning process: a handbook for religious educators:
      It is the imagination that is majoritively full of bad images and makes us anxious and restricted in our abilities to choose.
    • 1980, Paul S. Wesson, Gravity, particles, and astrophysics: a review of modern theories of gravity and G-variability, and their relation to elementary particle physics and astrophysics:
      Segal tried to make a case for identifying the redshifts predicted by the conformal group with the redshifts of the galaxies, denying that the latter are majoritively Doppler shifts due to the expansion of the Universe.