make mincemeat out of

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Alternative forms[edit]


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make mincemeat out of (third-person singular simple present makes mincemeat out of, present participle making mincemeat out of, simple past and past participle made mincemeat out of)

  1. (idiomatic) To defeat one's opponent easily and completely during a fight, contest, or debate.
    • 2007, Harry Lawson & ‎Varghese Kattooparambil, Tom of Twofold Bay, →ISBN, page 21:
      He had the uncanny ability to demolish his opponents with ease and make mincemeat out of them.
    • 2007, Karl Schroeder, Sun of Suns, →ISBN, page 140:
      But the five ships on the other side of the mined zone were making mincemeat out of them anyway.
    The invading army made mincemeat out of our troops.
  2. (idiomatic) To utterly destroy.
    • 2016, Cathy Kelly, Secrets of a Happy Marriage, →ISBN:
      He made mincemeat out of that Evelyn Walker book he took over.