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Wordplay blend of makeover +‎ under, replacing over with its opposite.


makeunder (plural makeunders)

  1. A makeover in which the quality, flashiness or value of something is downgraded.
    • 2011, Coni Masciave, Beauty Rehab: Your Guide to Feel Beautiful, Sexy, and Confident in Twenty-Eight Days, Xlibris, →ISBN, page 142:
      While some women need a makeover to add makeup, some women need a makeunder to take it down a notch.
    • 2011 October 18, Anna Lefler, The Chicktionary: From A-line to Z-snap, the words every woman should know, Adams Media, →ISBN, page 122:
      The typical candidate for a makeunder is a woman who applies her makeup with too liberal a hand, styles her hair in a distracting or unattractive manner, or wears clothes that could be described as unflattering or over the top. The ideal candidate for a makeunder does all three of these simultaneously, mostly likely while upending a bottle of perfume into her cleavage.
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