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Etymology 1[edit]

Borrowed from Hindi माँझी (māñjhī, boatman, sailor).

Alternative forms[edit]


manji (plural manjis)

  1. (British India) A captain or skipper of a boat. [from 17th–19th c.]
    • 1808–10, William Hickey, Memoirs of a Georgian Rake, Folio Society 1995, page 361:
      I prevailed upon the mangee of a pinnace I found laying in the creek, awaiting the arrival of a gentleman hourly expected from Vizagapatam, to convey us up the river as far as Budge Budge [] .

Etymology 2[edit]

From a form of Punjabi ਮੰਜਾ (mañjā, raised bed). The Sikh sense is based on their use as seats of authority.

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manji (plural manjis)

  1. A type of raised bed similar to a cot from South Asia.
    • 1990, W. H. McLeod, Textual Sources for the Study of Sikhism, page 152:
      Literally, 'He sat on a manji.' The manji is a small string bed. In the villages of the Punjab acknowledged leaders, spiritual and temporal, would commonly receive their followers seated on a manji.
    • 2005, W. Owen Cole, Piara Singh Sambhi, A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism: Sikh Religion and Philosophy:
      The significance of a manji lies in its use as the seat of a person in authority, other people sitting on the ground.
    • 2011, Rocky Singh, Mayur Sharma, Highway on my Plate: The indian guide to roadside eating, Random House India (→ISBN):
      There is even a tap to bathe under after you have spent a night sleeping on the manjis (beds), and all this comes at the price of a meal!
    • 2015, Shauna Singh Baldwin, What the Body Remembers:
      Roop doesn't want to sleep on a mat on the floor; she wants to sleep with Lajo Bhua on a manji, wants Lajo Bhua to tell her stories till she falls asleep.
  2. (Sikhism) A Sikh religious administrative unit.
    • 1993, Sunita Puri, Advent of Sikh Religion: A Socio-political Perspective, page 155:
      In the Janam Sakhis and utterances of Guru Nanak there is no reference, implicit or explicit, to the subject of manjis.
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 3[edit]

A manji.

Transliteration of Japanese (manji).


manji (plural manjis)

  1. A left-facing Japanese swastika.



From Proto-Bantu *màjíjɪ̀.



  1. water


  • Ciarunji Chesaina, Oral Literature of the Embu and Mbeere (1997, →ISBN




  1. Rōmaji transcription of まんじ



manji (Cyrillic spelling мањи)

  1. comparative degree of malen