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  • (French) IPA(key): /mɑ̃ke/


manqués (not comparable)

  1. (postpositive) Plural form of manqué.
    • 1991, Ilya Zemtsov, Encyclopedia of Soviet Life, page 221:
      Party functionaries at all levels are essentially dilettantes who may have diplomas or study certificates but not real competence. Basically, they are educational failures: engineers manqués, journalists manqués, scientists manqués.
    • 2004, Emanuel Derman, My Life as a Quant: Reflections on Physics and Finance, page 14:
      None of these papers had much chance of getting past a journal referee. Few of the writers had much hope of even getting into graduate school. They may not have wanted to. The letters were mostly a cri de cœur from isolated and solitary physicists manqués all over the world.
    • 2006, Harry Mount, Amo, Amas, Amat... and all that: How to become a Latin lover (ISBN: 1–904977–54–5, 978–1–904977–54–4), chapter 6: To all the Sirs I’ve loved Before — Latin teachers I have known, page 97:
      The classics master is a quick literary shortcut to encapsulating a lonely, highly intelligent man dedicated to his subject, and often to his pupils. They are never in fiction — and rarely in real life — female. They are often dons manqués — men who, due to a personality fault, or an unfortunate incident with a boy, never made it as academics. And so they become, life Dr Rutherford, substitute dons at school, keen on building up one-to-one relationships with the pupils and dismissive of their contemporaries in the school common-room.





  1. first-person singular imperfect subjunctive form of mancar
  2. third-person singular imperfect subjunctive form of mancar




  1. masculine plural of the past participle of manquer