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many +‎ plies


manyplies (plural manyplies)

  1. Synonym of omasum (compartment of the stomach of a ruminant)
    • 1855, The Plough, the Loom, and the Anvil, Volume 7, page 343,
      Now, in the process of returning the macerated food for re-mastication, it is the cud-duct, together with the shut termination of the gullet approached to the shut inlet of the manyplies, which forms the pellets.
    • 1890, Robert Meade Smith, The Physiology of the Domestic Animals, F. A. Davis, page 377,
      Through this contact the œsophageal pillars shorten so as to draw up the opening into the manyplies nearer to the reticulum, at the same time turning spirally on their own axes, the lefthand pillar being extended downward and to the right.
    • 1896, Ruminantia, article in R. W. Egerton Eastwick (editor), The Oracle Encyclopaedia, Volume 5, George Newnes Limited, page 111,
      The reticulum opens into the psalterium or manyplies (the third compartment) by a small aperture, and its lining membrane is thrown into longitudinal folds resembling the leaves of a book. The fourth compartment, into which the manyplies opens, is called the abomasum or rennet.


Alternative forms[edit]