map of Tassie

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Refers to the supposed similarity in shape between the female pubic region and the roughly triangular form of Tassie (Tasmania, Australia).


map of Tassie (plural maps of Tassie)

  1. (Australia, slang) The female pubic hair.
    • 2001, Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, 2012, 10.5: The Popcorn Gangster, unnumbered page,
      Then we would start a massive international ad campaign to lure tourists and rich old settlers.
      Something like . . . ‘Come and bury yourself in the map of Tassie.’
      Could just work.
    • 2012, Roxy Jacenko, Strictly Confidential: A Jazzy Lou Novel, page 4,
      If this were elsewhere in Australia, say the Apple Isle, my start would probably have come in the form of a kitsch pair of undies tastelessly plastered with an invitation to view my map of Tassie.
    • 2012, Margareta Osborn, Bella′s Run, page 223,
      Her skirt was rucked up to her map of Tassie as she rested, soaking up the last of the afternoon′s heat.