map of Tassie

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Refers to the supposed similarity in shape between the female pubic region and the roughly triangular form of Tassie ‎(Tasmania, Australia).


map of Tassie

  1. (Australia, slang) The female pubic hair.
    • 2001, Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, 2012, 10.5: The Popcorn Gangster, unnumbered page,
      Then we would start a massive international ad campaign to lure tourists and rich old settlers.
      Something like . . . ‘Come and bury yourself in the map of Tassie.’
      Could just work.
    • 2012, Roxy Jacenko, Strictly Confidential: A Jazzy Lou Novel, page 4,
      If this were elsewhere in Australia, say the Apple Isle, my start would probably have come in the form of a kitsch pair of undies tastelessly plastered with an invitation to view my map of Tassie.
    • 2012, Margareta Osborn, Bella′s Run, page 223,
      Her skirt was rucked up to her map of Tassie as she rested, soaking up the last of the afternoon′s heat.