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marketting (countable and uncountable, plural markettings)

  1. Obsolete spelling of marketing
    • 1681, Peter Heylyn, The Historical and Miscellaneous Tracts of Peter Heylyn, page 475:
      This Alured began his Reign, Anno 871. and after him succeeded Edward, surnamed the Elder, in the year 900. who in a league between himself and Guthrun King of the Danes in England, did publickly on both sides prohibit, as well all markettings on the Sunday, as other kind of work whatsoever on the other Holy days.
    • 1702, John Kettlewell, Death made me comfortable, page 65:
      Let them not talk lightly or pleasantly, nor fall into Discourses of News, or Markettings, or of other Worldly Business.
    • 1826, H. J. Todd, Some Account of the Life and Writings of John Milton, page 285:
      ... and further told this respondent, that all his said children did combine together and counsel his maid servant to cheat him the deceased in her markettings, and that his said children had made away some of his bookes and would have sold the rest of his bookes to the dunghill women; ...



  1. Misspelling of marketing.