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From Sotho marog.


marog (uncountable)

  1. (South Africa) Any of several edible plants of the Amaranthus genus, used locally in South Africa as spinach.
    • Amaranthus hybridus (Figure 38) and other Amaranthus species are either grown for their seeds (Inca wheat) or harvested as spinach (marog). Most species used in these ways are naturalised weeds in this country and are easily cultivated. The leaves of all species are edible and are a valuable source of protein and vitamin A. The leaves of Amaranthus are more valuable than any other leaf vegetables in terms of their food value, being exceptionally high in iron and calcium. [1]
    • HERE in sunny South Africa amaranth is better known as marog and is used extensively as a nourishing 'spinach' vegetable. [2]
    • Other materials used by the Tsongas are readily available from the environment. The inhabitants of the kraal plant their own mealies and store them, use sorghum in beer production, marog (wild spinach) is eaten, porridge is made from mealies and marula nuts are eaten when other food is scarce. [3]