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Alternative forms[edit]


masheen (plural masheens)

  1. Simplified or sensational spelling of machine.
    • 1902, Arthur Smith, The Doin's o' Jim o' Doads: Sketches of Lancashire Life[1], Nelson, Coulton, page 9:
      Tha'd better pin thi slops first or else they'll happen catch t' masheen an' throw thi off.
    • 1982, Robert E. Newman, Reading, Writing, and Self-esteem[2] (Education), Prentice-Hall, page 195:
      One day Mr. Magilacutty wanted to build a potato masheen.
    • 1993, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, The Hand of Chaos[3] (Sci-fi), Bantam, ISBN 9780553563696, page 464:
      This is the second purpose of the great masheen that we have directed for so many years without any knowledge of why.
    • 1994, Janet Frame, Intensive Care[4] (Fiction), Digitized edition, George Braziller, published 2008, ISBN 9780807613412, page 283:
      … and has brought with him a sewing masheen such as I never saw before in my life although I have heard of them, a big masheen glittering with knobs ...
    • 2002, Paul E. Rivard, A New Order of Things: How the Textile Industry Transformed New England, UPNE, ISBN 9781584652182, page 15:
      The "Masheen": The Wool Carding Machine Comes to New England
    • 2012 May 23, Amy Nile, “Time Masheen Arcade Opens in Chehalis”, in The Chronicle[5], Lewis County, WA:
      A new Chehalis business is offering old-school entertainment. Time Masheen Arcade, which opened at 570 N. Market Blvd. on Saturday, has more than 20 classic arcade games, including such hits as Frogger, Pac-Man and Dig Dug.