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meat tray (plural meat trays)

  1. (non-idiomatic usage) A tray used to hold meat.
    • 1986, James Pietropaolo, Patricia Ann Pietropaolo, Carnivorous Plants of the World, page 117,
      It has a meat tray, the temperature of which can be adjusted to be at or below the freezing point by controlling the opening to a portal which connects the meat tray area to the freezer.
    • 2001, Caroline Spang Rosser, Planning Activities for Child Care, page 82,
      Line three disposable meat trays with damp paper towels and pour red, black, or white tempera paint into each tray.
  2. (Australia, New Zealand) A tray of meat given as a prize in a raffle.
    • 2002, Cheryl Kernot, Speaking for Myself Again Four Years of Labour and Beyond, unnumbered page,
      And the raffle prizes are always big red meat trays, (not a vegetarian amongst them), or cartons of tinnies.
    • 2011, Lee Mylne, Frommer′s Melbourne Free and Dirt Cheap, page 70,
      On Tuesday nights, there′s a $10 meal deal from a limited menu (and you automatically go in the draw for a $50 meat tray).
    • 2012, June Loves, The Festival by the Sea, unnumbered page,
      The Dog wasn′t remotely interested in the raffle even though winning the occasional fruit and vegie basket or meat tray has helped our constricted budget at times.

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