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meat +‎ -arian


meatarian (plural meatarians)

  1. (rare) One who eats meat.
    • 1977, Psychonomic Society, Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, Volume 10‎
      At the present, it appears that there is support for the notion that vegetarians respond (in a variety of ways) different from meatarians.
    • 1984, M Thomas Starkes, God's commissioned people‎
      Finally she divided the Hindu, Muslim, and Christian students into three categories: vegetarians, meatarians, and eggarians.
    • 2004, Kancha Ilaiah, Buffalo nationalism: a critique of spiritual fascism‎
      If India is defined as a nation of productive skills — of tilling land, of cutting crops — its holistic (meatarian and vegetarian) food culture, its symbols of civilization such as the pot, wheel, shoe, sculpture and so on — it belongs to the Adivasis, Dalits and OBCs.
  2. (rare) A person who only eats meat.

Usage notes[edit]

Primarily used to contrast with vegetarian, referring to people who eat meat (in addition to vegetables, not to their exclusion).