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mediatory (comparative more mediatory, superlative most mediatory)

  1. Of or relating to mediation.
    • 1650, Francis Cheynell, The Divine Trinunity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, London: S. Gellibrand, p. 346,[1]
      This Mediatory Honour is very glorious, because Christ sits as a King at the right hand of the Majesty on high, and every one must confesse that our Royall Mediatour is not onely man but God also [] .
    • 1774, Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of the Rights of British North America, Williamsburg: Clementina Rind, p. 27,[2]
      [] we do earnestly entreat his majesty, as yet the only mediatory power between the several states of the British empire, to recommend to his parliament of Great Britain the total revocation of these acts []
    • 1933, H. G. Wells, The Shape of Things to Come, Book 1, Chapter 8,[3]
      [] there was a widespread ambition that the United States should evoke some sort of permanent arbitration council alone, or in concert with the other Powers still neutral, which should stand, so to speak, on the edge of the battlefield and continue to offer its mediatory services to the warring governments until they were accepted.
    • 2013, “Zim polls in spotlight at SA-EU summit,” Independent Online, 18 July, 2013,[4]
      He said the EU supported the mediatory efforts of Zuma to forge agreement between the squabbling political parties.