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mega- +‎ millionaire megamillion +‎ -aire


megamillionaire (plural megamillionaires)

  1. A person who has many times more than one million units of the local currency, but who is not a billionaire.
    • 1989 March 31, David Moberg, “The Fuel of a New Machine”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Justin Dart, the megamillionaire plastics king, a financial backer of Ronald Reagan, once observed that "a dialogue with politicians is a fine thing, but with a little money, they hear you better."
    • 2001 November 9, Michael Miner, “In These Times Loses a Fortune/Sun-Times Goes Down to the Wire”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Fourteen months ago, the threadbare journal on Milwaukee Avenue was taken over by a Silicon Valley megamillionaire with a social conscience who vowed to put In These Times on the map.

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