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mega- +‎ mind


megamind (plural megaminds)

  1. A mind that is composed of other minds nested within it.
    • 1982, Sir John Carew Eccles, Mind and brain: the many-faceted problems:
      Directly and indirectly, the latter depend on whether consciousness is believed to be mortal or immortal, or reincarnate or cosmic; and whether consciousness is conceived to be localized and brain-bound or essentially universal as in pan-psychism or Whiteheadian theory— or perhaps capable of "supracoalescence" in a megamind.
    • 1983, Janet Morris, Cruiser Dreams, page 111:
      That cruisers talked to cruisers across vast distances like synapses discharging in a megamind could not be proven mathematically.
    • 1984, Analog science fiction/science fact - Volume 104, page 92:
      We've let ourselves become homogenized, seduced into becoming part of a group organism. We've bought the lie that achievement equals selfishness, and it has cost us our excellence. “I'm here to say that I am not a neuron in a megamind. I am not a standardized part on a social assembly line. ..."
    • 2005, Katherine E. Ellison, The Fatal News: Reading and Information Overload in Early Eighteenth-Century Literature, →ISBN:
      Epstein has developed a number of online venues, such as InteLnet, "Collective Improvisations,", and "ThinkLinks," which strive to create a "megamind" of creative interdisciplinary ideas about culture, literature, philosophy, and other subjects.
    • 2015, Roman V. Yampolskiy, Artificial Superintelligence: A Futuristic Approach, →ISBN, page 26:
      Last, a possibility remains that some minds are physically or informationally recursively nested within other minds. With respect to the physical nesting, we can consider a type of mind suggested by Kelly (2007b), who talks about "a very slow invisible mind over large physical distances." It is possible that the physical universe as a whole or a significant part of it comprises such a megamind.

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