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mega- +‎ seller


megaseller (plural megasellers)

  1. A book or other product that has sold in extremely large numbers.
    • 2005, August 16, “Associated Press”, in 'Da Vinci' film divides British churches[1]:
      British churches are divided over whether to allow filming of The Da Vinci Code, an adaptation of Dan Brown's biblically revisionist megaseller.
    • 2007, February 22, “Austin Scaggs”, in Q&A : Pete Wentz[2]:
      Wentz has also achieved notoriety through his business acumen, signing the megaseller Panic! at the Disco to his label, Decaydance Records, and through his exhibitionist tendencies
    • 2009 March 29, Vit Wagner, “Fame's at stake for Cast of two”, in Toronto Star[3]:
      Hunted, the newly published fifth novel in the series, debuted this month atop the USA Today bestseller list, briefly displacing Stephanie Meyer's vampire-themed megaseller, Twilight.

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