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From mer- +‎ cow, modelled after sea-cow.


mercow (plural mercows)

  1. Any of several marine mammals of the order Sirenia, including the manatee and dugong; sea-cow.
    • 2002, Will Shetterly, Dogland:
      Ma ruffled my crew cut. "If you'd been the lookout, you'd've told them these were sea cows, not mermaids, right?" "Right," I said. "Mercows," said Mr. Drake behind us. "Moo. Glub glub glub. Moo."
    • 2012, QI: quite interesting facts about mythical creatures - Telegraph:
      Mercow. The description of pretty mermaids frolicking in the water is so widespread that it was thought there must be a real creature lurking behind the legends.