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metatag (plural metatags)

  1. Alternative spelling of meta tag
    • 1996, Kent D. Stuckey, Internet and Online Law, Law Journal Press, →ISBN, page 7-116.2,
      Although the trademark is not visible to Internet users, the use of the trademark in the metatag will cause a search engine to register a match if a user searches for that trademark.
    • 2001, Adrian Hunter, Chelsea Shepard, Once Bitten, Xlibris Corporation, →ISBN, pages 14–15,
      Debbie pretended not to hear her soon-to-be-ex best friend as her internal search engine spat up metatag matches to keywords like "single," "cute," and to her thrilling surprise, "kinky."
    • 2006, Bob Nicholson, Effective Websites for Artists and Art Groups, WYGK Publishing, →ISBN, page 45,
      Including four to six key search terms in your keywords metatag won't hurt and may help your search placement, but don't load up the keywords metatag with dozens of terms.