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mgqashiyo (uncountable)

  1. A genre of African music, a more danceable style of mbaqanga.
    • 1990, Robert Christgau, Christgau's Record Guide: The '80s (page 257)
      Recorded in the late '70s, with tough mgqashiyo mbaqanga out of favor among cultural as well as assimilationist blacks, this proves Mahlathini's staunch loyalty to the style he originated, his total lack of alternatives, or both.
    • 1988, Coda (issues 223-234, page 39)
      [] an orgy of dance and mgqashiyo, which, literally translated, means "the beat that will never die."
    • 1998, The New York Times Biographical Service (volume 29, page 1649)
      As a producer and the saxophonist for the band Makgona Tsohle, he shaped the style called sax jive and then the music that grew out of it, called mbaqanga (named after a homemade stew) or mgqashiyo, "the indestructible beat."