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micro- +‎ topography



microtopography (plural microtopographies)

  1. microrelief
    • 2001 May 18, Steven K. Lower et al., “Bacterial Recognition of Mineral Surfaces: Nanoscale Interactions Between Shewanella and alpha -FeOOH”, in Science[1], volume 292, number 5520, DOI:10.1126/science.1059567, pages 1360-1363:
      It is this interface, delineated by chemical and structural features on the surface of the organism (such as concentration and localization of cytochromes and reductases and the physical structure of the outer membrane) and the mineral surface (such as density and coordination of iron-oxide moieties, surface microtopography, and crystallographic orientation), which probably has a major impact on the kinetics and extent of bacterial reduction of Fe(III) minerals.
    • 1999 August 6, Eric Rufe & Michael F. Hochella, “Quantitative Assessment of Reactive Surface Area of Phlogopite During Acid Dissolution”, in Science[2], volume 285, number 5429, DOI:10.1126/science.285.5429.874, pages 874-876:
      Each surface of phlogopite, or any other mineral, must behave according to the particular atomic structure, composition, and microtopography of that surface.