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might should

  1. (double modal / stacked modal, used in some dialectal, chiefly Southern US) should perhaps (used to soften "should" and make it less of a command)
    • 2005, Holly Hughes, Best Food Writing 2005[1], →ISBN, page 164:
      I've noticed how my knees, lower back, neck, and temples hurt pretty much continuously. I'm thinking that I might should go back to my old midmorning ways, pop those Vienna tops more often, and dice peppers like there's no tomorrow.
    • 2008, George Singleton, Work Shirts for Madmen[2], →ISBN, page 58:
      I opened the back of my refrigeration truck and, for the first time, understood that I might should go ahead and turn it back into a regular pickup.
    • 2011, Melissa Fenton, A Moral Compass[3], →ISBN:
      His sister stopped by the laundry mat to say hello and I told her what I was about to do and said she might should go by the house once he got off work, just to be there for him.

Usage notes[edit]

The conjugation (with the full verb "go", for example) is:

  • I might should go.
  • You might should go, John.
  • She might should go.
  • We might should go.
  • Y'all might should go. / Both of you might should go.
  • They might should go.

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