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From might +‎ -eous, modelled after righteous, equivalent to might +‎ -wise.


mighteous (comparative more mighteous, superlative most mighteous)

  1. Possessing might; mighty; powerful; mightily righteous.
    • 1916, Baynard Rush Hall, James Albert Woodburn, The new purchase:
      Still, it was quite edifying to witness the anxious bustling, and to hear the learned remarks of our dwarf Esculapius; who among other things, was constrained to acknowledge that — "unassisted nature had yet mighteous potential efficacity of her own intrinsic internal force, [...]
    • 1969, Black World/Negro Digest - Oct 1969:
      We used to sleep the sleep of the mighteous, never reaching for d'epistle tucked, unfriared, under the brillo's ear.
    • Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil:
      The sea is thy mirror, thou regardest thy soul In its mighteous waves that unendingly roll, And thy spirit is yet not a chasm less drear.
    • 1998, G. N. Das, Shri Rama: the man and his mission:
      In the gods and humans, demons and birds I have my followers everywhere obedient to me; Khara and Dushana, the demons, are as mighteous as I myself.