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Catalan numbers (edit)
 ←  1  ←  1,000 1,000,000 (106) 1012  → 
    Cardinal: un milió
    Ordinal: milionèsim
Catalan Wikipedia article on 1,000,000 (106)


Borrowed from Middle French million.



milió f (plural milions)

  1. (cardinal number) million (106)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Milió, bilió and larger numbers are followed by de or d' unless a smaller number comes between milió, bilió, etc and the item being counted. Hence:
    • El gratacel va costar mil tres-cents quaranta-dos milions d'euros.
      The skyscraper cost one thousand three hundred forty-two million euros.
    • Un milió sis-centes quinze mil nou-centes vuit persones resideixen a Barcelona.
      One million six hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred and eight people reside in Barcelona.
  • Unlike cent or mil, milió, bilió and larger numbers are often preceded un or una when there is only one of them.
  • Catalan uses the long scale except when intentionally forming calques of short scale terms from other languages.

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