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mine +‎ craft


minecraft (countable and uncountable, plural minecrafts)

  1. A warship which lays naval mines; (collectively) ships which deal with naval mines.
    • 1962, Samuel Eliot Morison, History of United States Naval Operation in World War II, page 79:
      Each was marked by lighted dan buoys spaced at one-mile intervals, laid by Fairmile motor launches of the Royal Navy, which followed immediately behind the minecraft.
    • 1971, Bruce Bahrenburg, The Pacific: then and now, page 96:
      By the end of May 8 the Japanese had lost one light carrier, a destroyer and several minecrafts. One large carrier had to be retired from the battle and sent home for repairs. The U.S. losses included one destroyer and an oiler, ...
    • 2005, Norman Polmar, Naval Institute Guide to the Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet (→ISBN), page 231:
      In reality, the ship was named (on 3 July 1990) along with several other MCMs to "commemorate the service of World War II minecraft that saw significant service."
    • 2005, Bill Pink, The first ten years, page 221:
      I had finally joined "the big boys" on a ship other than one called a craft . . . landing crafts or minecrafts. Now, after serving only 71 days, I was being booted off my first warship.