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Alternative forms[edit]


From mini- +‎ roundabout.


mini-roundabout (plural mini-roundabouts)

  1. (Britain) A roundabout that is either flush to the road surface (painted on) or slightly raised.
    • 2002, Sam Smith, Porlock Counterpoint, page 108,
      Williton has a mini-roundabout for a town centre. At this mini-roundabout the traffic coming from Taunton turns left and heads straight out of town towards Minehead, passing between displays of agricultural machinery on a bank up on the left and a red stone police station recessed on the right.
    • 2008, Driving Standards Agency (Great Britain), The Official DSA Guide to Driving Buses and Coaches, page 296,
      Although traffic is advised not to carry out U-turn manoeuvres at a mini-roundabout, be alert for any oncoming traffic doing so.
    • 2008, John Wells, Margaret Stacey, Learn to Drive: In 10 Easy Stages, page 131,
      At double mini-roundabouts and multiple roundabouts, follow the normal rules of priority and treat each roundabout separately.