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From mini- +‎ bond. The sense "credit-linked note" derives from the brand name Minibond, under which these were marketed by Lehman Brothers prior to the fall of 2008.


minibond (plural minibonds)

  1. (finance, chiefly East Asia) A credit-linked note
    • 2008, December 5, “HKAB stops minibond buybacks”, in Hong Kong Standard[1]:
      The Hong Kong Association of Banks confirmed that the association has stopped buying back Lehman Brothers' minibonds as the legal risk keeps increasing.
  2. A relatively small bond issue
    • 2000, July 7, “Barry M. Siegel”, in New School Board Members Upbeat[2]:
      Failing that, consideration would have to be given this fall to a minibond to address short term needs.