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misdemeanorization (countable and uncountable, plural misdemeanorizations)

  1. The act of making a previously non-misdemeanor activity a misdemeanor
    • 1974, Richard D Knudten & Anthony C Meade, “Marijuana and social policies”, in Addictive Diseases: An International Journal, volume 1, number 3:
      Misdemeanorization is suggested as a rational solution to this situation.
    • 1995, David M. Zlotnick, “Empowering the Battered Woman”, in Ohio State Law Journal, volume 56, page 1203:
      However, I argue that framing the issue as a contempt of court is still superior to the misdemeanorization of violations.
    • 2011 California Governor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Topix
      Marijuana was decriminalized in CA a LONG time ago. What has happened now is de-misdemeanorization

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