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From Italian misoneismo (after Cesare Lombroso). Equivalent to miso- +‎ neo- +‎ -ism.


  • IPA(key): /ˌmɪsəˈniː.ɪzəm/, /ˌmaɪsəˈniː.ɪzəm/


misoneism (usually uncountable, plural misoneisms)

  1. The distrust or hatred of new ideas or things.
    Synonym: neophobia
    • 1923 May, “Pornolagny and Realism”, in The Urologic and Cutaneous Review, volume XXVII, number 5, St. Louis, Mo.: Urologic and Cutaneous Press, OCLC 1038575690, page 322, column 2:
      In politics this type of philistine has more than once denounced the "golden rule" as an "iridescent dream" of a lunatic. Such philistinism pleases the misoneism of the mediocre, whence the enthusiasm over platitudes and the reign of the philistine in newspaper art, literature and science.
    • 1990, Thomas Pynchon, Vineland:
      What really got his attention was the Lombrosian concept of “misoneism”. Radicals, militants, revolutionaries, however they styled themselves, all sinned against this deep organic human principle, which Lombroso had named after the Greek for “hatred of anything new.”

Derived terms[edit]