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molasses +‎ -es



  1. (nonstandard, proscribed) plural of molasses
    • 1967, The Sugar Club Annual (issue 7, page 128)
      The United Molasses came into the picture and we had the beginning of the conflicts and competition in molasses that have existed ever since but during the twenties, up to 1933, the Government pretty well stayed out of molasseses []
    • 1986, Arthur Edison Cullison, ‎Robert S. Lowrey, Feeds and feeding (page 213)
      The different types of molasseses are similar in feeding value per pound of dry matter.
    • 2007, Jonny Bowden, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth (page 315)
      As the only product from the third and final boil, blackstrap molasses contains the lowest sugar content of the molasseses, but many more of the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements found naturally in the sugarcane plant []