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Blend of molest +‎ mustache


molestache (plural molestaches)

  1. (slang, rare) A type of mustache supposedly associated with child molesters. (Seems mostly applied to scrawny, poor-looking or unkempt mustaches.)
    • 2001 January 27, Scott “devotion100”, “Re: Weezer's mustaches”, in, Usenet,[1]
      > rivers looks like a kid toucher.
      rivers definitely has the molestache action goin on.
    • 2002 December 28, C. Lee, “Re: i wonder what kind of movie we would come up with”, in alt.horror, Usenet,[2]
      I think that this level of arrogant cynicism is very how watching a mulleted drunk in a wife-beater, boxers and a molestache smacking his kids on COPS teaches us about how NOT to raise a family.
    • 2004 April 1, Douglas C. Niedermeyer (pseudonym), “Scary molestache completes coaching staff”,[3] in the Daily Nebraskan, 2004 April 1 joke issue.
    • 2005 March 10, Bryce Donovan, “Easy ladies, there's enough Bryce to go around”, in The Post and Courier, Evening Post Publishing Company,
      Also known as the “molestache,” this sexified upper lip hair is often seen on men wearing short shorts, Blue Blocker sunglasses, lots of gold jewelry, […]
    • 2005 May 26, Thomas, “Re: Pistons will win Game 3”, in, Usenet,[4]
      (He earned the name Mario Mugshot in my circle because he looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros, and he has a molestache and messy hair like you would see on a child molester in a mugshot)
    • 2007 January 6, “Gurriato”, “Re: Estamos todos manipulados” (“Re: We are all being manipulated”), in alt.usage.spanish and other groups, Usenet,[5]
      He wears a britstache (also called a molestache, a combination of the words mustache and molest). El Renacuajo's mustache is scrawny and creepy, much like most wearers of the molestache.