moose knuckle

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A moose knuckle

Alternative forms[edit]


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moose knuckle (usually uncountable, plural moose knuckles)

  1. The ball joint of the humerus in a moose's skeleton.
  2. (slang) The noticeable shape of a man's penis when he is wearing tight clothes.
    • 2005, Benjamin Tripp, Square in the Nuts, →ISBN, page 92:
      [] the VIP of the GOP, George W. Bush in full military flight suit, with his ejector harness giving him the worst moose knuckle in presidential history.
  3. (slang, nonstandard, rare) The shape that is noticeable when tight-fitting clothing wedges between a woman's labia.
    • 2008, Jess Lourey, August Moon, →ISBN, page 8:
      I was grateful for the distraction, as I had been trying to look anywhere but at the giant moose knuckle spray-painted between her thighs []
    • 2009, Chuck Palahniuk, Snuff, →ISBN, page 68:
      At her crotch, the black spandex stretches to cover a small bulge. Bigger than camel toe. Swelling bigger than moose knuckle. Way bigger than a clit []


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