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morpho- +‎ dynamic


morphodynamic (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to morphodynamics, the study of landscape changes due to erosion and sedimentation
    • 1997, R.W.G. Carter & C.D. Woodroffe, Coastal Evolution[1], ISBN 0521598907, page 10:
      The morphodynamic approach relies on predictability along certain environmental gradients, such as tidal range, wave exposure and sediment type []
  2. Of or pertaining to dynamic changes in morphology
    • 2008 November 14, Philipp J. Keller et al., “Reconstruction of Zebrafish Early Embryonic Development by Scanned Light Sheet Microscopy”, in Science[2], page 1065:
      Our analysis of global cell division patterns reveals a maternally defined initial morphodynamic symmetry break, which identifies the embryonic body axis.

Derived terms[edit]